Those who dwell among the beauties and mysteries of the earth are never alone or weary of life - Rachel Carson

Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Winter is here!!!.... well almost.

Soooooo technically its still September so it's still summer BUT with winter almost being here I can't help myself.... I begun a search for fashion inspiration because as all of you know very well  already, I only buy clothing during winter.... it's my style. I would call myself an original but my pants would be on fire, I take tons of inspiration from talented girls  like Alexa Chung I find her style chic with a sparkle of grannyish vives going on. On my shopping list this autumn + winter :
 A cool coat/jacket ...
 A cool Maxi dress to freeze my butt off lol!
 Unique tights, and a jean dress to also freeze my legs off lol!
 Colorful scarfs .... I love scarfs.
 A oversize clutch, preferably one that looks like the above picture ...
 Blazers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.... I have plenty, but MORE blazers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 Leather skirt, is this wise for winter hummmmm, idk I still want one.
 A cute vintage/rock'N'roll outfit like the one above.
And some pink , why not.

Tuesday, January 30, 2018


I'm Married now, and got a pixie due to damaged hair and also the desire of looking like Michelle Williams..... Marriage is fun!!!!!!!!!! , I'll discuss that in a different post ...however this post is about Lin, which a week before the wedding went ultra violet on me!!! (she took me to this awesome place to get my nails done, get a wax, shop for candles and so much more!). But I won't rant about how much she helped because my writing can't do her justice, but i will talk about her......

 As a friend she's been with me through tough times I know people always say that but what does it mean?  i was thinking about it and i have no clue its something you FEEL , like when your crying and your friend holds your hand and tells you exactly what you need to hear, gives you clarity and make that miserable moment shorter , or who takes you out not necessarily to discuss your tremulous day but to be a friend , I think thats kind of what that phrase means. Me and Lin have different personalities I won't sit here and confetti-up our friendship by saying we are identical, (although we have had almost telepathic moments in the past ) we are NOT, but we know how to keep our real friendship going. When ever a conflict has begun we have the courage and love to reach-out to each-other because we care. I love how Lin takes on mistakes, mistakes are part of life, its how you grow not just hers but her friends she will never condemn you if you've done something unconventional, although if she doesn't truly care about you i doubt you'll be getting any of her forgiveness. She lets me shine, this sounds cheesy but she does especially when she complements me because thats what friends do lol! in other words she lets me be me. 

Lin in her alone time could perhaps be found listening to RADIOHEAD, feeling ,melancholia feeling sadness its part of her personality, its half of who she is it's what makes her independent, wise, its what recharges  her view on life, its how she puts her thoughts back on track and how she starts planning her next trip . This doesn't mean that the moment you'll spend time with her she'll pour all those deep thoughts onto you pshshsh as if you'd be that lucky.  It's unfortunate that many have disappointed her in the past, I guess when your young everything seems tangible until you loose it and live with regret. Lin won't live with regret what she likes she goes after,  if it doesn't work-out what does she have to loose when she's that cool?  nothing. You see Lin's  a dreamer, sooooo naturally life gets her down sometimes,  but she being the renegade she is, only allows that for about a day maybe a week and shes back on dreamer mode.

Now that i'm married things did change just like she stated, however not entirely, we had Wednesday coffee, so happy she wanted to come over my new place,  and are currently making plans to go to a concert. And trust me when I say i intend to keep it that way for as long as possible!!! being married also thought me something i absolutely without a doubt want to keep what i love close to me... like Joe who from 12/16/2017 became my loyal companion and love of my life but my heart is big and how can I forget my girl crush back in 2009? when she said the following  "But as we spent more and more time together, our friendship, respect, and love for one another has grown. We can take about things that we never would with others. Those difficult conversations are about our feelings feel safe due to a nonjudgmental environment. 

She's there on my early mornings at 6 am even if she lives far. She's there late at night with a cup of coffee. I think we've become closer in these last few weeks. Life is so weird and it sucks. But we can push through it with help from friends. We can conquer all!"

We've been friends almost a decade, and i wish for many many more! I love you Lin keep strong and never forget whats truly important in life , "La noche es nuestra" and I can't wait to have white hair and still be cool and tell younger girls "oh yea this is my bestie I've known her for 20 years".... imagine!!!!

November 29, 2017

December 22, 2012 it seems like yesterday, however when I visit locations in which our first memories were made it seems like ages ago and it fills me with nostalgia I sort of want to stop time and go back and at the same time I'm exited about the future and extremely grateful for all those past memories. I feel whats the word "tenderness" , I think I've seen my fiance grow as a person I've experience very profound events in my life along his side and its created a bond that I til this day had not experience with anyone else. 
In three more weeks me and Joe will be hitched! ( omg my hair was sooooo short) it still feels like its not happening its an odd feeling , you know the feeling you get when you talk about the same subject for a while and then puuuuuffffff  its next week! that's how I feel. 

I want to make a quick or shall I say long recap of whats been going on the last weeks leading up to my wedding day, first of all I'm taking another road trip to our wedding location December 2nd to complete an inventory of items that will be used,  and also figure out how to arrange our tables and find the best spot for the DJ ( I still think the dancing floor is way tooooooo small), cake table , Gift table and so forth I'm soooooooo exited!  I feel grateful to my lovely fiance who found our wedding location, its woodsy and dreamy cozy and romantic! it was seriously my dream venue, I also love that winter is incorporated in our big day, it plays such a big role in our relationship, I wanted to celebrate winter which is when I fell in love, the crisp air, crazy windy days his warm hugs _ I'll stop hahaha but winter forever will be the most wonderful time of the year. 
As of late my lovely friends have been throwing me "bridal-showers" left and right this Friday for example my gal buddies will treat me to an evening of records in which i'll be able to choose a couple and take them home. Moments like these really make me go "ohhhhhhh" I see so when people say enjoy the ride this is exactly what they mean, don't get me wrong I cant wait to go back for the real thing wearing my super awesome dress (ill get to that in a bit) but things leading up to the wedding are fun!!!!!!! Thanks Lin for all the fun! you know me so well and my love for electro-pop "somos fresas" lol! Thank you Andy for all that driving and support/time and getting my hair on point! not to mention all your lovely gifts! Some of my friends are actually taking over some tedious duties , while I complete my inventory and that's completely okay by me, without their support this Pre-wedding stuff wouldn't have been this fun.

Thursday, September 28, 2017


On the quest to find the perfect flower crown for my wedding! 

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

A new track

Florence and the machine / Florence Welch! such an amazing performer she had the Hollywood Bowl jumping , screaming and crying it was one of the best concert I've every been to (Still waiting for "Hurts" to hit the states) Everything Florence intrigues me, her soft sweet voice, her 70's chic style, her low-maintenance  hair, the way she moves her hands when she talks. I read all articles about her I even scavenge through french and Australian magazines hahahaha yea I totally fan-girl over her, 

"Stand by me" definitely in my top 10 classics! 
....listen to her version  HERE, and the fact that it has a Final Fantasy connection makes it that much better.

This sweet track just made it to a very important playlist♥

Monday, June 5, 2017


This blog is slowly becoming more and more neglected and also more and more about love and my wedding. But hey all we need is love right?.... this weekend I had a little sesh with my unofficial but official wedding planner Lin over at pleaseprintclearly, we're working out a more economic approach to some much needed things for my wedding because things are bustling in my head and I do appreciate some help, emphasis on the word HELP lol!
All this wedding planning makes me think of the most important thing, my loved one…Joe and I are sitting down having Pancakes at Denny's mid-summer and I tell him "I wish it was raining" we love  winter and rain and snow. A few seconds later the window cleaning guy starts hosing the window which in the interior looked just like rain! Joe tells me "your rain" with an adorable smile! It’s one of those moments that stay with you no matter how small they are. Moments like these make it all worth it. Moments in which I’m so inside my head and he relaxes me, or when I take things personal I continuously struggle with this one, more often than not, I fail entirely. My heart is a mess full of love I feel it at the bottom of my rib cage when he is such a good best friend.
I ‘m happy beyond belief to have found a venue that we both love and envisioned for the longest time, when we spoke wedding we spoke winter, rustic, cabin and fire place …. Here are some photos from that location and some that just inspire me and make me feel all daydreamy. 

Monday, January 23, 2017

Weekend fun#1

I spent time with Lin she gave me a mini tour of her weekend endeavors, had a delicious lunch filled with organic goodies brought to us by your trusty TJ’s . I had sushi 2 hours later that was a challenge won’t lie. After that, lovely Joe agreed to tag along and disregard any prior plans . 

We had a B n’ Nobles date, such a college student date night, although none of us are in college hahahaha.  A tall regular coffee and a tiramisu cup and I was set (who would have known Starbucks had tiramisu).  

I was reading Together Journal and was blown away!!!  I've been wedding planning which isn't the easiest thing, very enjoyable but nerve-racking . I get so anxious and I think in the long run this feeling might prevent me from enjoying my big day, but in all seriousness I find it very important to have found such a wonderful person who doesn't lose patience with me nor does he get angry if i'm being irrational or downright ridiculous! its important to be treated with gentleness by those who love you including friends. Okay but back to the magazine,  this might sound absurd but finding this magazine brought me a little peace of mind, I was reading and looking at very unconventional laid back weddings and they all look incredible... take a look at these pics.. these might not seem laid back, but trust me when i say they are lol! 
what a wonderful weekend... ♥