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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Color, make-up all express something....

Having a list of people that inspire you is quite extraordinary as it is odd, Alexa Chung  is an “It Girl” we all know that, her style very granny chic, when she sports those blazers and skinny jeans I can see a bit of Kate Moss, if you haven’t seen THIS please do so.. I leaned that me and “It girl” have something in common… a Fascination for the Burkin offspring lol! At the top of the pyramid we have the infamous Jane Birkin that for me established the perfect make-up look and she had this understated sensuality that is hard to replicate. Simplicity would define Charlotte Gainsbourg her style is effortless very French, you could regularly spot her wearing no make-up. Lou Doillon is Rock N’ roll, she wears Russian Red on her lips and other day she splashes water and that’s all… I have a question are French woman the only ones who could rock the fringe????? I mean look at them! It looks like they simply rolled out of bed a voala they look effortlessly beautiful…. People will always debate on weather or not make-up should be worn by woman, and the thing is it’s not a necessity but me personally feel like this : Have you ever had a busy day and you feel sticky in a desperate need of a  relaxing shower, so you take a shower and you feel fresh presentable. Make-up at times gives that illusion, (not the shower illusion I mean we must shower lol!) but the point is that wearing a little make-up for me even if it’s just a nude lipstick makes me feel like I didn’t just wake-up, the Process of putting on make-up makes me feel feminine, I mean c’mon have you seen the packaging on some lipsticks super cute!!!!!
Nothing beats, a LAZY day…. waking up on a Sunday, washing your face with a creamy cleanser, following with a moisturizer or oil, a make-up free face, soft, bright sooo wonderful! Walking around the house, going out for coffee… Oh and who could forget that flush your skin gets when you exercise! So naturally exhilarating!


But for those day in which we do want to wear make-up and look French at the same time this is what I recommend:


Let’s Start off with FOUNDATION:
NARS Sheer Glow foundation….the hype on this product is CRAZYl! It leaves your skin glowing with a beautiful satin finish for the excruciating cost of $50 bucks! I have no problem spending a decent amount of money on foundation….it goes on my skin so it makes sense. However the formulation of this product didn’t really complement my skin type. I have combination skin, some sections of my face are a tad oily and others super dry. On the dry areas it was moisturizing however on the oily areas the foundation did not make the cut, it did not last on my skin at all which is really disappointing because c’mon it glide on fabulously.  Thanks to YouTube I came across this little yet beneficial video,  this is perfect if you’re in a budget but also if NARS didn’t really work for you when I watched the vid I was like Yes Yes !!! that’s how I feel!!.. Give Revlon "Nearly Naked Make-up" a go its brilliant for a company that started only making nail polish lol!
Oh blush please marry me!!!! I Adore blush its so cute and pink, BUT I have this love hate relationship with blush... it looks so amazing but so unnatural :( Not all blushes are cut with the same scissors, but something about my skin just shouts out " I'm wearing blush people!!!!!" maybe its my fault I put to much?... maybe...Or maybe that's just how I feel..... but I found the solution for my little problem Tarte Amazonian clay 12-hour blush in Exposed: a very very subtle color! Gives the skin that "hey I'm not sick look" hahahaha!!
Lips Lips Lips!
I love lips! I think they complement the face quite nicely, and for me they are very special because when I was fourteen my mom gave me a very natural looking pink lipstick, that was all the make-up I was allowed to wear so its very nostalgic to think about lipsticks . But see I HATE reapplying lip products Ahhhhhh!!  When I eat and the traffic area is all smudged I feel like I was told a lie  (this lipstick last ALL day, Lies!!!!!) Lip stains are something else, I think they have a much more natural look and last longer on the lips BUT with all great things comes great responsibility (I never realize how true those words are) if you take the lip stain road you'll soon realize your lips have to be in very good condition, moisturized and very hydrated water is key, I think the saying " Beauty comes from within" can be applied to lips stains, if your not drinking water that stain wont be looking posh on you. 

This one is hard!! I always have a morning crisis, I love natural looking eyelashes I think they are the best! and if you naturally have long lashes well, why not  let them be... but the dramatic look of eyelashes is just so adorable! feel free to hold that mascara wand or place it down, its up to you ;) 

Have a nice beauty day♥

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