Those who dwell among the beauties and mysteries of the earth are never alone or weary of life - Rachel Carson

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

RAIGN- "Don't let me go"

I remember reading a blog called “I had another flying dream last night” ( I can no longer find this blog) it was about a lovely girl who wrote the most amazing deep entries…. Her blog was filled with incredible crafts. She was very outspoken and I found so many nature shots.  I came to the conclusion that whenever people are going through a rough batch they tend to seek the wilderness. I could say I do the same I was re-reading WALDEN by Henry Thoreau, I love how he questions what success is, and how everyone’s life beats to a different sound. How we must all respect each other and value the simple things that bring us happiness. But I guess we only value those things once they are threatened. History has shown that tortured souls as they say, write the most beautiful and inspiring stories. I believe that’s true. Going back to the girl’s blog, she once wrote a very noir post in which she talked about how her mother committed suicide and how that has affected her through the years. How feeling loved is hard and how she desperately seeks understanding, she wishes to encounter someone who will one day give her an answer and tell her why her mother did what she did knowing she has a beautiful baby girl, she needed to silence those voices inside her head. She needed someone to reassure her that life is a gem.
I would always find myself reading her blog, and I guess what I was seeking too, was reassurance that when I’m stuck in a rut I too will find the light, I too will learn to value what I have.
Underdogs, unforgettable survival stories, war stories, …. Those are my type of films & books… at the moment I really really want to go see these films: “ RACE” and EDDIE THE EAGLE” both films are about individuals that bypassed every obstacle and succeeded.  From an early age I understood I wasn’t part of the fortunate group, if I wanted something I had to work very hard to obtain it. I am loved by many and I clearly see it, however…. When dark times come they tend to stick around, you fight it, like I would when I would play around in the ocean shore, I would enter the ocean running once, maybe twice but by the third time my legs had no strength. Life is similar,  I’m like a AAA battery , my laughter and smile cannot last forever. So I shall recharge with blues skys and green around me lots and lots of green……

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