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Monday, June 5, 2017


This blog is slowly becoming more and more neglected and also more and more about love and my wedding. But hey all we need is love right?.... this weekend I had a little sesh with my unofficial but official wedding planner Lin over at pleaseprintclearly, we're working out a more economic approach to some much needed things for my wedding because things are bustling in my head and I do appreciate some help, emphasis on the word HELP lol!
All this wedding planning makes me think of the most important thing, my loved one…Joe and I are sitting down having Pancakes at Denny's mid-summer and I tell him "I wish it was raining" we love  winter and rain and snow. A few seconds later the window cleaning guy starts hosing the window which in the interior looked just like rain! Joe tells me "your rain" with an adorable smile! It’s one of those moments that stay with you no matter how small they are. Moments like these make it all worth it. Moments in which I’m so inside my head and he relaxes me, or when I take things personal I continuously struggle with this one, more often than not, I fail entirely. My heart is a mess full of love I feel it at the bottom of my rib cage when he is such a good best friend.
I ‘m happy beyond belief to have found a venue that we both love and envisioned for the longest time, when we spoke wedding we spoke winter, rustic, cabin and fire place …. Here are some photos from that location and some that just inspire me and make me feel all daydreamy. 

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