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Monday, January 23, 2017

Weekend fun#1

I spent time with Lin she gave me a mini tour of her weekend endeavors, had a delicious lunch filled with organic goodies brought to us by your trusty TJ’s . I had sushi 2 hours later that was a challenge won’t lie. After that, lovely Joe agreed to tag along and disregard any prior plans . 

We had a B n’ Nobles date, such a college student date night, although none of us are in college hahahaha.  A tall regular coffee and a tiramisu cup and I was set (who would have known Starbucks had tiramisu).  

I was reading Together Journal and was blown away!!!  I've been wedding planning which isn't the easiest thing, very enjoyable but nerve-racking . I get so anxious and I think in the long run this feeling might prevent me from enjoying my big day, but in all seriousness I find it very important to have found such a wonderful person who doesn't lose patience with me nor does he get angry if i'm being irrational or downright ridiculous! its important to be treated with gentleness by those who love you including friends. Okay but back to the magazine,  this might sound absurd but finding this magazine brought me a little peace of mind, I was reading and looking at very unconventional laid back weddings and they all look incredible... take a look at these pics.. these might not seem laid back, but trust me when i say they are lol! 
what a wonderful weekend... ♥

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