Those who dwell among the beauties and mysteries of the earth are never alone or weary of life - Rachel Carson

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

"Alive" - Khai

The summer of 2013 is when I fell in love,... It was so strong, I was daydreaming and everything.  I wanted to know everything about him I wanted him to love me from the first time I saw him, I wanted to sit and watch him speak, I wanted to be in his dreams.  I get a hot wave of emotions in my chest every time he smiles with those adorable dimples.  On my daily runs I would play Lana Del Rey “Young and beautiful” over and over again, my summer was full of hot nights, I was thankful to know his “pretty face and electric soul.” I had never been in love, and I know this is a blunt statement………... With this said I always knew love would find me, and it was presented to me in a beautiful package full of humor, talent, beauty and lots of love! And I mean a  marmalade of love hahahahah! He makes me stop and see, really see the small things in life like the color of the sunset, the frosty breeze of the fast-approaching winter, the thickness of paper when I flip thorough magazine pages. He makes me want to see him frequently, which is super convenient because we’re engaged!!!!!!!!

It’s funny I still feel like a little girl at 28 I’m still hoping someone will give me a small nudge or  whisper some advice , but I’m so happy he’s my Zack  “As Sephiroth is thought dead, the only source of these cells is now Cloud, and Zack realizes that Genesis plans to kill Cloud. Zack decides to stop Genesis, and after defeating him, he and Cloud head to Midgar, where he hopes to be reunited with Aerith. However, Zack and Cloud are intercepted by Shinra infantry, and Zack is killed. In his dying breath, Zack gives the Buster Sword to Cloud, telling him to be his living legacy. As Cloud stumbles off towards Midgar, Zack is pulled into the sky by Angeal, and wonders if he has become a hero” but real life is better than the video game this time .... wink wink.

The proposal was full of lights, chocolate , dreams ,HOPE,  privacy and LOTS of love!! 

Thank you baby muah! 

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