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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

My friend who glows

So its Tuesday and we're hanging out at Griffith Park, its an occasion of celebration, a lovely girl is getting married and her very good friends organized a memorable mega rad picnic!!!! One of them is extremely concerned about arriving on time to view the sunset, while the  other one is acutely outspoken and enabled us to go up the park when everyone else was being denied

The night itself was brilliant! well planned and extremely personal. On the menu...
Lin's delicious watermelon salad and pesto pasta genius!!!  the most sugar loaded drink concoction ever made lol! I seriously got a sugar rush that I couldn't shake off but I loved it!!!!!!

The music was soooo cool and the glow sticks had everyone wanting one, we got a lot of envious looks,  we even got a "oh you have great friends" comment.

This leads me to my next major point! Lin you are rad beyond belief! last night wasn't for me personally lol! but I needed a break from my hectic world thanks for everything you rock!!! you have such a great imagination and I love how you fuel my spark, you and the overload of sugar lol!

I love you!!♥♥

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LS H said...

I love you more!!!! I'm privileged to have you in my live. Your future events will be amazing!!!