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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

save the concert tickets

Concerts have a memorable essence, not only do you get to say the famous line "I went to go see them" but you feel the energy of all the people in unity having something to dance along with. Everyone around you understands and probably shared the same passion for the music and lyrics as you did... all your friends singing along looking at you saying "this is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" its so good to make memories. I remember a father saying the best thing I could give my son are memories .... this leads to my next point....

Having cool friends that keep you in the loop, most of these concerts I've experienced because my friends will be like " I have tickets for Death Cab!!" ........very important,  have a concert savvy friend, they are properly priceless.

The above concerts blew my mind! my high school and post high school obsession with Death cab for cutie. Zoe's out of this world music and,  the EPIC Hollywood Bowl Florence + The Machine concert! Ahhhhhhhh! incredible, incredible I say!

Will this summer be similar?  well my boyfriend is making the Hollywood Bowl tradition possible this year around too! [thanks babe] but I will also be experiencing a relax and EPIC show with my friend Erica , what's on the concert menu? Enrique Bunbury,  EPIC right? . In the month of August  I will be attending a Folky  show with my Official concert partner Lin, [if a cool show/concert is going down she knows] the month of September will take me to the Hollywood bowl and experience an instrumental emotional ride.

Summer is looking hot.

Thanks for reading.

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