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Friday, May 27, 2016

I was born before technology ruined kids... we were cool we liked something we had to research, everything was EPIC and unforgettable ....


 So I have soooo many girl crushes its embarrassing, and I mean embarrassing because I hard-core fangirl over them... But my girl will always be Chloe Sevigny, she came to my life before Florence..

Her style is impeccable, she puts together a very chic outfit but will attach a crab golden accessory to give it that Chloe twist, she gets inspired by the 70's & 90's. So I guess if you mix those two decades you get Chloe. I'm obsessed with her shoe collection its incredible!!!!!! I'm sort of pulling my hair right now, its so rad!

She doesn't like foundation, only powder and red lips......Chanel of course.

She HATEs cookie cutter actresses, she like rawness.

Did I mention her good taste in music? The velvet underground all the way baby, she amazing I could talk about her all day!!

Friday's inspiration ♥

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