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Thursday, May 19, 2016

"Cause you are my medicine" - On melancholy hill- Gorillaz

When you can't catch a break, when you have to give rides to your younger brother because his radiator got busted, and he works so far mars seems closer.
When you get a last minute call, and the person at the other end of the call tells you "I know its last minute but,  you have to do this for me, thanks"........... my stomach drops and I'm so nervous my mouth gets dry.
When you still have a swollen head from being ill the week before...okay I think my rant is sounding a little like Coldplay's "Fix you" hahaha!
Then something surreal happened, my boyfriend tells me he's helping me out, BUT he didn't just give me a hand nooooooooo he took the potato sack and carried it for me!! he did everything I had to do , gosh I don't even know how he managed getting out of work that early hmmmm ..... and , and on top of that he brought me Chipotle extra stuffed with guacamole [he knows me so well] I was thrilled of course and for a moment in a very long time I felt relaxed. If you have a pet dog/cat sometimes you talk to them and they tilt their head some experts believe they are adjusting their pinnae, or outer ears, in order to better pinpoint the location of a noise. I was tilting my head to better pinpoint the exact moment I began feeling relaxed hahahahahaha!
Shout out to my lovely boyfriend who takes care of me, who always insists on knowing what's wrong and how he could help or better yet fix it, who adorably falls asleep in my kitchen table and who sings along to whatever shenanigans I'm playing on spotify.
Picture above:
Signal Hill EPIC night!! it was cold.... but we had hot chocolate afterwards, oh but that was after my boyfriend bought a video game, boys will be boys.
Daily text message muah!♥

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