Those who dwell among the beauties and mysteries of the earth are never alone or weary of life - Rachel Carson

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Honeysuckle anyone?

Why do people leave the city???

I don't know..... because the city has its perks, and plenty of beauty too.

But boy oh boy can the city be a drag at times, traffic, pollution and lets not mention if your trying to get a nature fix you have to drive plenty of hours to get to your green grass destination.... don't get me wrong I enjoy driving the city at night , but driving a lonely country road seems so desirable right now.....

My last trip to the country side was simple but unforgettable, riding a pickup truck while teenagers chilled in the back of the truck, we stopped by a super market and bought some ice-cream. We drove to the nearest lake [ 20 minutes away! ] and simply enjoyed the blue water, strange rocks, blue sky , cold water . Driving back home enjoying music looking at the majestic mountains tall tall green trees. I felt like I never wanted to grow up I never wanted this moment to stop I was coming alive.

The sky full of stars.

Sooooooooooo now I'm sitting here listening to Spotify's "country hits" thinking of blue jeans , white tee and chocolate ice-cream (made of soy milk preferably, I cant leave my L.A roots )

Okay this is my solution to my nature craving Chantry flats, wake-up early to get parking though!!! you know how it is, all these fitness enthusiast get there super early and get working hahahahah!

Trails Café -Griffith Park, you experience nature and get rewarded with excellent coffee afterwards.

Joshua Tree National park.... AMAZING place!!!! its been around 91 degrees here in cali so hmmmmmm lots of water, but those wildflowers are beautiful.....

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