Those who dwell among the beauties and mysteries of the earth are never alone or weary of life - Rachel Carson

Friday, January 22, 2016

Well its been s long time since i've seen you smile.........

Where does it go, all of it? Where. When I wake-up in the morning and it’s not one of those morning when everything is on the floor and your hair brush happens to be sleeping alongside you. I feel happy. I feel like nothing could be as enchanting as my four walls. Knowing that everything I like is somehow floating around this room. Pictures of my loved ones, dim light flashing my rested eyes. The softness of my pillow, the coldness of my bed it’s all very cozy. Is this laziness? Well I will bitterly embrace it. I haven’t posted pictures of myself on this blog for a very and I mean a very long time. Once I was watching those super late-night shows. Crime shows, mystery crimes something like that. An attempt of murder towards this blogger took place; a man apparently became obsessed with a blogger and wanted to kill her…. Are you kidding me?? I was frightened out of my mind .So I decided to limit my blog.

Now lets also add the fact that, a short time after starting my blog, someone broke into my home stole my cameras and my computer. And other goodies so sad. I was so angry I couldn’t even speak to the police, I suddenly got jaw-locked and wanted to punch someone. Did my blog cause this? I will never know, we had visitors the week before and I really didn’t know them… they could have had something to do with it, the point is I was so scared i dropped all advancements on my blog. However as I read my blog I can’t stop smiling my archives go back to 2009! 2009! That’s seven years ago, where has time gone? I don’t know.. What I do know is that I can relive some of the moments, ideas I had in the past. I’ve stopped taking pictures entirely. Blogging was once my hobby, taking random bizarre photos was my specialty. My blog wasn’t one of those “you have to have what I have to be happy” type of blog. It was an expression of who I was and what I was interested at the moment. A place to document my achievements from finishing a book to finding the most incredible item in a thrift store. I documented happy and sad moments. So where did time go? I don’t know, but my blog sure did a fine job in preserving it.

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