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Wednesday, December 9, 2015

The Interview

Currently listening to: "Oh Ahh"- Grits / "1234"- Feist / "Miracle", "Wonderful life"-Hurts
Favorite things right now: Sleeping , vanilla perfume and gingerbread latte.
Favorite music, band? I'm currently listening to Zoe and Hurts non-stop seriously I think I could seriously sing every song by heart.... and I'm showering to Kings of Leon.

Favorite Movie, Tv show? I  haven't had time to watch Tv, I NEVER thought I would ever say this........ my brother bought the first season of Vikings, and I must say it isn't that bad! loads of  historical facts .... you learn about the religion they practiced and general info.

What would you be doing if you weren't doing what your doing now? Not sure if this question refers to work or in general what would I do if I wasn't working like right now hahahaha.... so I'll answer both. Uhmmmm I really like moving so I would definitely be some sort of trainer or a stunt double, or or  a directors assistant that fascinates me..... What would I be doing now if I wasn't working? Dancing to Alesso or sleeping hahaha!
What's something uncool that you like anyways? Well if I like it I wouldn't consider it uncool hahahaha , mmmmmm I love fantasy universes like Star Wars, Lord Of The Rings, Avatar and 80's fantasy films. 
Place you would love to visit? Rivendell , Middle Earth.
What do you regret? I regret , regretting things hahahaha I think its a bad trait I cant get rid of.
What are some future plans? actually I need to sort those out lol! ... my future plan is to work harder than ever!!!!!!!! I was thinking about what  I've done these past mmmm two years of my life? ......reality check could be a bucket of cold water .
What celebrity couple do you find  strange? Mmmmmm Lady Gaga and Taylor Kinney .... seriosly, I'm like how?? this isn't based of physical appearance ....its based on her eclectic style lol!.. does anyone else think Taylor Has Leonardo Dicaprio's eyes??? I do.
Perfect celebrity couple? Picture above....Alexa Ghung and Alexander Skarsgard.

Favorite quote? "The most certain thing in life is change"

Enjoy the read... have a lovely day :)

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