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Monday, November 9, 2015

Patio Lighting and the Flu

This past week/weekend has been very hard, I was very sick which makes perfect sense considering the fact that winter is knocking on my  door as I write this post. I couldn’t be more thrilled, I love winter I just wish it would stay permanently!! Okay but back to me being sick, it’s been harsh I’ve made  my old dandy cinnamon, lemon, honey tea non-stop and its done me  well.  I had fever here n’ there, goosebumps all over the place! And a nasal voice that had everyone looking at me with puppy eyes lol! Oh hahahaha some gave me the steer clear from the virus infected gal “look”.   However I still had time to shop….. funny thing how a girls mind work…huh?
This brand has been around seven years they have an incredible vintage inspired clothing line  ….I purchased “Two dozen roses bracelets” and the beautiful “Ashlynn clasp Bracelet” such beautiful work, and you can never ever go wrong with the staple “black clutch”. Most of the time I simply brows the website to get inspiration (I don’t really buy much shshshshshsh!) it’s so beautiful.  Please have a wonderful Monday! Don’t forget to drink loads of coffee lovelies..


andrearngl said...

❄️ I'm so excited winter is almost here
I love the winter ! 😔 but it's also no fun when you're sick , i hate being sick at this time of year , this is also my favorite time of year . I love wearing sweaters and boots lol ☺️
Wow !! You got lots of great stuff , that purse looks stunning! 😊

Bonneaud Emma said...

Love this pictures !


fhenny said...

these photos are too lovely!
style frontier