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Friday, October 30, 2015

Rayan Adams, Album "Ashes & Fire"

Its that time of the year!! Yup, my favorite time of the year! I seriously dislike shopping during summer; summer obviously has its perks however it will never compare to autumn/ winter. The colors…… endless coat & Jacket options, everything from pumpkin lattes to scarfs rock my boat. I seriously want to get my hands on a Cotton parka in a mustard color or khaki green? Not sure yet. 2015 is still going strong I still have to see Star Wars: VII, Spectre, Burnt, Tomorrowland, and The Martian, this got me thinking how do I want to spend the rest of 2015?

Surly I have to take care of grown-up stuff, continue persuading personal goals and making sure I’m not slaking off!! This is very important lol!.... BUT seriously I’m dying to go thrift shopping! Finding a good thrift store is a struggle on its own. I had a favorite store, but now it’s drowning with useless clothing and mundane jewelry I’m so upset….. so following bilbo’s advice I will set on an adventure and find my perfect route once again!

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