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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Eye Candy

So after attending a comic book store on Friday my anxiety for the new wonder woman is unbearable! She is by far my favorite female comic book character…..runner up? Cat Woman and Poison Ivy running right behind her (I know Harley and Ivy are BFF’s but something about Harley never clicked with me)…… I follow around 30 classified geek blogs/websites, and half of them are outraged by the fact that Wonder Woman might have an accent! Seriously? I always thought it was strange that she had NO accent to begin with, her original homeland is Themyscara, last time I checked English wasn’t the language that was spoken. So why all the fuss? I don’t really understand why people feel so worked up about this! Why is everything WW so difficult…. have you guys thought about that? Think about it, Issue #1: How many Batman movies have been made? 13 Superman movies? 10, how many wonder woman movies have been made? ONE!!!! ONE!!!!!  And ZERO live action movies ZERO!!!! Why!? It cannot be the story line ……. seriously if Green Lantern made it to the big screen I seriously cannot think of one good reason why WW doesn’t have multiple movies under her belt.  I still love green lanterns oath “ In brightest day in blackest night. NO evil shall escape my sight. Let those who worship evils might, beware my power, green lanterns light” c’mon this is awesome. Issue#2: She’s too thin, I made a previous post talking about this.. YES WW can crush a man’s skull with her legs and Gal might not look the part but let’s not forget who’s directing the film Zack Snyder! Yes!!!!!!!! you know that guy that turned Gerard Butler into a massive killing machine and Henry Cavil into Superman. This guy doesn’t play games he turns normal PEOPLE into monsters, Captain America is SUPER defined, his abs are a labyrinth of muscles and you can’t find your way out….But then again he looks like Barbie’s boyfriend. Snyder specializes in a different body type ….. what I like to call “the impossible look” because let’s face it you only see that in movies, or professional trainers. Zack will turn Gal into a reliable WW!!!! She will be a lean mean butt kicking machine while, having flawless hair (that kind of makes me laugh) she’s starting to gain some muscle YAY!!... So in conclusion whos not to say she’ll be looking like a girl you wouldn’t want to come across in a dark ally mmmmmmmmmm then again maybe you would hahahaha! Considering the fact that shes,  you know hot hahahaha. Issue#3: she has an accent, she’s not American Point made.

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