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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Perfume is the key to our memories.

Last night I was working on this post and was thinking just like peter and Wendy if you want to fly you have to think of happy thoughts and get sprinkled with fairy dust… I’ll stick with happy thoughts and I'll get sprinkled with perfume. When I'm down, Apart from thinking of the important things like love and family.. I started sneakily thinking of perfume…. last night I watched a movie that me and my brother couldn't wait to see 5 years ago. I was wearing a very honey predominant fragrance , I felt this urge to repurchase the product. At the moment however, I think used perfumes should stay in the past, and I should create new memories with the endless fragrance selection out in the market.

I've been craving a Jo Malone fragrance for the longest time Jiminy Cricket I really want to try out THIS fragrance: Cassis, acacia honey and peach_.....I love honey and peach so I know I will love this fragrance but why oh why are prices sooooooo annoying. Another Jo Malone product that I cant stop daydreaming about is THIS bottle  it has wild fig!!! I can picture myself wrapped around the warmth of  wild fig  forever!

Lets talk about the French for a bit but still in the fragrance department.... This HERE is my next purchase I have a long list but this here is #1, Diptyque has a wonderful story and all the notes are so high quality... its so surreal and full of memories..... I must start saving up my pennies ASAP! This is definitely a winter perfume but heck I never go by "perfume rules" if it smells good it could be with me all year round. However, sitting in my house on a winter day enjoying a pumpkin latte watching one of my favorite films with a sprits of "eau duelle" ah cant wait!!! this perfume is dark and friendly just like me hahahaha!
So why are perfumes so expensive?  Well......The wonderful, amazing, rare ingredients. Some perfumes contain rare flower petals or the essence of a rare root (think tuberose and jasmine, both quite pricey). Others have synthetic ingredients that are hard (or at least expensive) to make, also don't forget about marketing and packaging.
What we talk about less often, because it is harder to explain, is the way a perfume can give breath and body to the phantom selves that waft about us as we go through our days — not just the showgirl, the femme fatale, and the ingenue, but all the memories and dreams of the taller, meaner, sharper, sweeter, softer people we have been or long to be.......

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