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Tuesday, March 24, 2015


SADNESS is an emotion we usually try to avoid. So why do we choose to listen to sad music?

 Musicologists and philosophers have wondered about this. Sad music can induce intense emotions, yet the type of sadness evoked by music also seems pleasing in its own way. Why? Aristotle famously suggested the idea of catharsis: that by overwhelming us with an undesirable emotion, music (or drama) somehow purges us of it….woman in general are classified as emotional creatures, I personally believe this is false I think it’s all part of “Gender Appropriate” stuff, it’s not biologically accurate. People say “women overreact, and they start crying and what not” and I’m like, what do you call it when guys start beating on each other? I call that overreacting too lol! Or when they’re cheering or booing a sports team like their life depended on that…… They both express emotion differently. I recently read an article stating that children ages 3-5 would talk about their emotions equally, as the boys grew-up talking about emotions wasn’t part of the itinerary. BUT some woman have it bad too, expressing emotions now in days is a crime, it’s a symbol of weakness, I have been tainted with this hype, so what helps?

 Listening to sad music: When you’re in the middle of a heartbreak, right at the epicenter of the pain you can’t think of a solution, you simply CAN’T, your ears are super-hot, your hands are cold like ice… you don’t know if your heart is still inside your chest or it decided to commit suicide from the pressure it feels. You brace yourself, you force yourself to breath because honestly it feels like your body has giving up on you, your body is hollow, it breaks your nights with sorrow. Here the emotion is induced directly, however when listening to sad music it helps you remember those events in an entire different perspective , and this time around you actually feel like a solution is possible, you tell yourself tomorrow still holds out its hands to you, and you decide to stand and fight…. You refuse to share your uncertainty with others, your pain might overwhelm them and you might be classified as a wacko, better yet EMOTIONAL person hahaha, or simply that conversation can’t be held at that particular moment… so its nice to have a musical confidant who somehow feels exactly like you do!

 I often purge myself with music.

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