Those who dwell among the beauties and mysteries of the earth are never alone or weary of life - Rachel Carson

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

This goes out to Dakota......

Last night I was texting with one of my friends, and it suddenly struck me: you know how you usually ask a friend how are you? And they say “same old, same  old nothing new”. I was thinking that’s exactly how I feel I FEEL same same but different , I’m constantly changing, situations around me are constantly changing  however I still find myself being the same person internally . We desire certain changes in our lives without changing who we are drastically, but we always strive for this one thing happiness. I learned an amazing way to explain how one could acquire happiness : This little boy is chasing a beautiful butterfly, and every time he gets near the butterfly she fly’s away this happens multiple times, so while he was running around the garden trying to catch this butterfly his sister was working on the garden and guess what happened?... Yup the beautiful butterfly landed on the girls shoulder.  The  moral of the story Happiness comes to those who are hard working.
You’re so sweet (I’m writing on that incredible journal you gave me) but you are so strong and if someone is talking trash you put them on check (drivers and pedestrians beware Lol!) I just want to sit with you and watch “something borrowed” all over again.  Not so many people understand you darling because I guess they don’t have to work a 9-5-7:30 job , having the responsibility of a family member on your back, these past months I learned the hard way how that feels, so I give you massive props doll. “Dear Mama” makes our throats feel uneasy. We love “B” and she loves us, I can totally see us being her friends don’t you think so? She’ll be all like “I love my September ladies” hahahaha! Hun don’t let anything roll you down from that mountain you’ve climbed, don’t let sand blur your vision it’s just lies. I know in the middle of all this fog you’ll find an oasis, you’ll find it in whatever makes you happy, (stalking Andrew Garfield counts lol!) when all the grey turns to color you’ll understand ……this is the greatest time of day! Being young is so beautiful-this is our golden years, but hey getting older has its perks …work hard, work hard in what truly matters and you’ll be happy.
For all the girls who feel like they are always working n’ slaving every day, have a little dance scenario in your room or car and listen to “Nothin but a good time” by Poison.

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