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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

"Born to Run" - Bruce Sprinsteen

Lets Start with Phillip Lim Fw15
Shophie Theallet (such a cute name x) fw15
I'm loving these two designers right now! they have a total different vive going on , Phillip is heading to the grunge department but its what I call "fancy-grunge". Sophie is fairy-tale all the way very girly but I see a sharp edge, all that black lace and long black trench coats, really give it an air of mystery. She's classy but rocks out to Aerosmith "walk this way" while zipping on a chi Latte.
Photo #2, a long trench coat changes everything! I'm a fan of trench coats and I will be till the day I no longer exist, I remember reading an article in which Chloe Sevigny said that she would always wear this old grey cardigan, and her friend told her it was her shield, protecting her against the world.Trench coats do the same thing for me. plus you look like a total stud.
Hair: I'm loving the hair!! its like a messy move out of my way because I'm skilled. I've been trying to master this look for years, never have I been successful, I'll keep trying .... got nothing to loose, messy hair is in right?

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Frank Vinyl said...

philip lim was tooo goood! loved it