Those who dwell among the beauties and mysteries of the earth are never alone or weary of life - Rachel Carson

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Y se dice que la princesa descendió al reino de su padre y que ahí reinó con justicia y bondad por muchos siglos. Que fue amada por sus súbditos y que dejó detrás de sí pequeñas huellas de su paso por el mundo visibles solo para aquél que sepa dónde mirar.

She lived thinking of herself, concentrated on always doing her best and making herself happy, caring for those around her. However this changes…..the routine of knowing herself entirely changed, she no longer is interested in “I” her path is now being navigated by what her heart dictates she told herself “where is my galaxy, I don’t function like before?” “I have lost my stars” she said. She has fallen in love with “US” he who unknowingly has stolen her “I”. Her day’s past filled with anxiety, she now feels him everywhere he is present at all times its driving her crazy and making her uneasy.  She feels as if something is missing, she wakes up in the morning sits in her bed waiting for the feeling to arrive but it doesn’t, she’s not exactly sure how it must feel the only thing she’s sure of is the absence of the abstract missing in her artsy world. Her mirror reflects the following;  her golden glowing skin as the sun goes down in spring, her hair an auburn brown as the stars punch-in, her eyes are slaves to her immense imagination she erases your world and serves you dishes of dreams sprinkled with love and hope. She has dark corners filled of paranoiac futuristic endeavors, quest that few wish to take. Her presence has stolen a smile, gave you electric shocks pulsing everywhere she knows this yet her mind has entered an ongoing roller-coaster. She walks into her mossy garden having millions of thoughts in her head she observes her reflection in a river and suddenly remembers “I” she tells herself “Bury this feeling not so deep so in a time of need it could blossom once again” Her optimism granted her multiple names, one of them “Beauty’ and so beauty came to be,  and I her friend.
♥To my Friend whom I care for♥

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