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Monday, November 3, 2014

Dallas Clayton

Good Morning Everyone!
Yes I'll admit I'm not 5 years old, but sometimes at Target you'll find me in the Kids book aisle reading "The Very Hungry Caterpillar" as soon as I place the book on the shelf I start debating on what type of mascara I should purchase.... and if the socks I'm taking have way to many polka dots. I'm driving back home on a very cold mid-day after having a charming breakfast full of pumpkin pancakes and coffee. I have the tendency of wondering if my constant urge to visit the past is normal for an adult... seriously if I don't have a back-to the future episode per-week I feel strange, I tell my self "why haven't you freaked-out this week Diana?" but then I remember this scene ..
Pewww, and I thought I was alone on this mess, THANK YOU GRACE!!!!! ....I know I know I wasn't walking around Versailles but , reading a children's book sure does it for me. Which brings me to Dallas Clayton, its funny how I stumbled upon this guy .... I was googling  Shannyn Sossamon I fell in love with her after "A Knight's Tale" and I simply wanted to know more about her. Dallas popped-up I started reading about him, and how he uploaded the book online for free! so everyone  could enjoy his dreamy book... So me being me, I  go online and read this colorful book I loved it! the color and the message was brilliant, now this happened sometime ago but from time to time I will re-read "An Awesome Book" and get inspired all over again I find myself smiling all of a sudden with a warm feeling in my chest {almost like a delicious cup of coffee} so I decided to share some color please enjoy the book.... if you have kids read this book to them before bed time, and if your kidless like me read it to yourself the effect is the same.
Have an awesome Monday!!

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