Those who dwell among the beauties and mysteries of the earth are never alone or weary of life - Rachel Carson

Monday, October 13, 2014

Yeah that's how we do it round here...

The night sky full of beautiful stars! In LA I get this obnoxious streak of texting almost everyone “Go outside look at the moon” simply because I really treasure natures gift to us.
Wide-open spaces: seriously, I get so happy when I live in an area that has a park nearby, but when you live in the country that park is your backyard and a lake is probably 15mins away.
Soaking in life: this one is very personal many of you might disagree, but living in the city means being part of the city you always get bombarded with life styles that must be followed trends that are in or out. I enjoy all of that but the country has a different approach to it. It’s about what you can cook and how many visitors are coming home for pancakes, visiting the city becomes an adventure rather than a chore. Things like these are common “I’m getting my honey from Mr. Robertson” “Hey did you get the squash from Betty across the street” ….. have I thought about moving to a place like that, maybe not permanently living in the city sure does have its perks… But visiting a country like state aids my life style.
Country Play-list:
"Take a little ride"- makes me want to own a truck.
"I hold on"- Yea I know if you want to get romantic, go country!
"Honey Bee"- c'mon this is sweet!
I was going to include some Cash, Luke, Eric, Chesney but I think I got my point across have a great afternoon.
P.S. my hair was so long, I have to get back to it.
P.S. look at all that gorgeous green!!!

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