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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Because Its mean!!

Sunday I was about to have a delicious milk shake! However I’ve been trying something out this past month and I think it’s working… I feel good… like literally! I’ve had some hard weeks.. Very hard but like they say you are what you eat! Despite the hardship I get up every morning ready to continue I’m such a trooper Yay!!! {pat in the back} okay okay so I’ve been eating vegan as much as I can,  I wouldn’t call myself a complete vegan when I go out I will have chocolate or cake L but honestly I wish to eliminate those also… will it be a permanent thing I’ll leave that to time and consistency…. I found so many amazing vegan cake recipes online I’m excited!!! I make my own delicious versions of junk food at home so much healthier and honestly extremely delicious. I have a cat she’s vicious, but that doesn’t stop me from loving her, she has her own personality and she’s picky with her food, she’ll stick her small paw in her water recipient to check the waters temperature before she drinks. My point is animals are smart have personalities and they feel!!!!! I linked a website in which you all could enjoy 7 documentaries that perhaps promote a different life style, regardless of this; it also shows the truth of our food industry which all of us can benefit. If you are a bit sensitive stay away from “The ethics of  what we eat” just saying... However I strongly believe you should watch it!

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