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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

I need blue black nail polish ....

Na na na na  na! Jumping up and down swinging my hair insanely, the reason “All the small things” I know this is so 15 years old but c’mon! Everyone who is an avid music junkie had to be in love with blink one 82 at least for a week lol! wooooow  I’m feeling that vive right now oh and let’s not get started with “Josie and the pussycats”  I chopped my hair after watching that movie . I don’t remember the release date; I simply remember walking out of the theater feeling like some sort of revolution took place. I’m sure my leopard fascination originated the second my eyes looked upon those cat ears hahahaha!...I’m trying to remember things from my teen years, for instance the notion of having a rad band tee was all I needed to feel completed. Or hey I got new shoes, hanging out at skate parks man all my  high school  year were mostly spent at a particular skating park. (I still remember the security guard kicking us out once the clock struck 8pm)  I remember my friend Mark he was one good skater and man he had amazing taste in music! his mustang was sick! Oh and my friend  Missy who by the way looked just like Nicole Richie and I think Nicole had a show around that time, because every time I would hang-out with missy people would be like “Hey you look like Nicole”  she secretly hated it.  I remember going to competitions and hanging-out, looking at Hector break his nose and still managing to pull of his bike stunts. My mother was the best after a nice skate she would pick-us up around 8:30 and take us out for an ice-cream shake can you imagine that! Seriously I think now in my mid 20’s is when I see how cool she is, and it wasn’t a once a week thing Noooooo she would try to do this 4 days out of the week! Oh and then the year of our infatuation with swimming came by …. Okay I’ll stop right here because I have a different subject to talk about,  bottom line this film inspired this post…..
This weekend I went to go see the film "The faults in our starts" it seemed like a movie made for teenage girls { omg before I forget Teenage mutant ninja turtles will hit the theaters soon! Such a nerd} okay back to the post, I love it, it made me cry! Please watch it, when I walked out of the cinema I felt like I learned a lesson of some sort …..

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