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Monday, January 13, 2014

It Hurts now but one day it'll be your WARM-UP :)

The girly post! Ok so its winter here in LA but honestly its warm, and  I want to take advantage of this 100% !! so one of my goals this year is to get extremely fit, I honestly believe if I’m constant and don’t give up I will have the body I want.  I want to feel strong, empowered and STRONG. I eat well but as a vegetarian we have to really consider our protein intake, I can be running three miles every day and doing full body work-outs and NOT be consuming enough protein, everything that I would be doing would somehow be a waste….. I want to gain muscle not lose muscle.  It is very unfortunate that men have it easy,… .....

Let's Get Physical (WebMD site)
The simple truth is that men are larger and have more muscle than women due to the hormone testosterone. They are genetically designed to have a higher percentage of muscle and less fat -- which works in favor of keeping them fit and allowing them to eat more calories. (that’s not fair!!!!!!)
But with a little work, women can even up the odds a bit. To build more muscle and get your engine revving, pick up some weights and start pumping. You'll increase your muscle mass and decrease your fat stores by doing strength training at least twice a week.
Not only will strength training build muscle mass and help you burn more calories, but it will also strengthens your bones, preventing osteoporosis -- a disease primarily of women. (And, of course, it gives you a more shapely physique.)
There is at least one area where women have the edge, weight-wise. When men deposit fat, it most often goes to their middles, while women's excess weight tends to settle below the belt and in the middle. And it turns out that the "pear-shaped" body has a health advantage over the "apple": Those who carry extra fat mostly around their middles are at higher risk of developing heart disease than those who are bottom-heavy.
Two of my dearest girlfriends are hitting the gym this winter and are very motivated so I hope this little blog keeps them going…

Number One: To be fit and look good its 80% nutrition and 20% exercise. The first time I read this I was a tad disappointed, and although I feel proud of considering myself physically active I really must watch what I eat. Probably some of my readers have already begun a healthy food plan, but please don’t forget; do not consume any unnecessary sugars, if it doesn’t give your body the proper fuel PUT IT DOWN!. Girls I cannot repeat this enough every sugary drink you consume will go straight to your belly! {ahhhhhhh!} We at times think “oh its just juice” but trust me eliminate everything that isn’t beneficial and you’ll see results in approximately 3 weeks. 2) Drink water, I think people are searching for the elixir of a healthy life, youth, and I don’t really understand why? Its water Hello!!.......... It keeps your muscles hydrated and all your organs {like skin} . 3) Start of the day right, in my personal experience if  I start my day right it makes me put down unnecessary sugary foods throughout the day. So have toast with a glass of coconut milk, eggs, peanut butter , a green juice, a fortified cereal, fruit with soy yogurt, baked potato with egg whites the possibilities are endless. 4) have a healthy meal with enough carbohydrates and protein, especially if you will have one of those burn-out days, stay away from extremely salty foods, and anything that is fried_ I usually eat something crazy three times per-week, it gives me a sense of liberation yet I don’t surpass my boundaries, for dinner try to follow the same guide lines, just remember if it turns into energy and muscle yummmy! If it  turn into sugar yak!!! 5) Exercise!!! Yes everyday if possible, do not do extreme work-outs everyday but Don’t give up, even running should be done with control, if you run every day at the same speed it is beneficial but if you want to get the best out of running follow this tip, Mondays: slow running Tuesday: Medium speed, Wednesday: High speed running a total burn-out, Thursday; back to slow running, you get the picture. This allows your body to rest and those legs keep ripping, with amazing results. 5) DO NOT FORGET! Strength training! If you read the article above “You'll increase your muscle mass and decrease your fat stores by doing strength training at least twice a week”….. as girls we have certain areas that store fat like crazy, and cardio isn’t enough! When we do cardio we burn calories but that skin and those muscles will NOT be tighten, so go crazy with Strength training girls it doesn’t hurt to try lol! {well just a tad hahahah!}
Start the week right:)


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