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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Superman needs no seat belt...

Superman, lights people’s faces in completely different ways.  Girls well what can I tell you they get “The Look” that seems like they are starstruck,  most guys think he doesn’t deserve to be called a Hero because he has super abilities and this makes him untouchable to us, well I’m about to prove them wrong; First of all, He Struggles, who in this planet has not struggles one way or another. There are very few people who get through childhood without being the odd-man-out at some point or another. Superman has been the odd-man-out for the majority of his life……. revealing himself to the people he loves puts them in danger, but he still does it. Over and over again, we see Clark Kent  trying to open himself up to people. Maybe this is a metaphor for how we are constantly trying to balance putting ourselves out there to people, in love, in friendship, in society, in work, and keeping our true selves secret and safe. That’s something we do all the time! Number Two, and a very important one if you ask me, superman is someone to look up to…… Superman is the embodiment of HUMAN (okay, I know what your thinking…! ) . But we sometimes just need someone to lead the way. To be the example. To set the bar, so you have something to strive for, even if they're fictional. However, you can still see him struggle. Maybe he isn't struggling to balance work, paying bills, changing the car oil {because he can fly he needs no car , sorry just felt like saying that how awesome!!} Ookay back to the topic the point is that he struggles. Superman, as powerful as he is, still worries about whether people will love him, whether he's doing the right thing, then maybe it's okay if we don't have it all figured out either. Maybe it's okay if we need help too. So maybe Superman is kind of incredible!!!!! Maybe he is perfectly strong, and perfectly fast, and unstoppably powerful. Maybe he's incredibly generous and most of the time, selfless. But he still suffers from insecurities and still struggles to make the right choices. He still needs other people to be the person he is. He still can't go it alone. Aside from the superpowers, he isn't really that much different than we are--or that much different from what we're capable of being, if we choose to put others before ourselves. He has black hair what more can you say.

This Interview was sooo funny and I learned some things about the actors that truly surprise me. And it kind of made me love the movie that much more, enjoy the post.


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