Those who dwell among the beauties and mysteries of the earth are never alone or weary of life - Rachel Carson

Monday, December 9, 2013

Helm’s Deep!!!

This weekend I had coffee with most of the people I hold dear. I appreciate when I have those weekends, when I have the chance to listen to my friends and lend a hand; I treasure their honesty and admire the bravery each of them have to face life. I think I’m definitely a dreamer I love to soar high, but I’m smart enough to know some things are best kept in dreams; they might overcast the true beauty life DOES offer. They have the strength to rise from those doubts that keep on pulling them down; they hold their ground and never flee on the eve of battle. I truly think good things do happen to good people, life is life and yes unexpected things happen all the time that could jeopardize our happiness and wellbeing. However all that is good shall be rewarded.  We at times feel tired of hope with nothing to hold, but just like the  physical body needs food to keep on running. Our mind and heart need HOPE to live and grow. Never  thinking you deserve less, now this quote is complicated because we do expect so much from our family, friends and lovers. Yet we all have to understand we are different, and we process things differently, value what’s good!!!!! This might sound cold-blooded, but the things I don’t find interesting I tend to ignore in others, I see this as a virtue!! why? {You might ask} well because instead of trying to change a person, I simply understand the differences, and move past them.  We never stop learning about ourselves and we never stop fearing things, there’s no secret to overcoming fear. It is a complicated process, but to state it simply, you have to force yourself to face your fears whatever those are. Every single chapter in life comes with overwhelming changes but my buddies are hard core warriors, they made it through Helm’s Deep!!!
Happy! Monday♥

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Lin H said...

LOVE the post for many reasons, Helms Deep being one haha. We all live in a wretched world but we have to survive. Thanks for the cup of joe... and tea. Love you and we must have more lovely talks.