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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

“Growing apart doesn't change the fact that for a long time we grew side by side; our roots will always be tangled. I'm glad for that.”


Hello!!!!  Fellow readers, so I just received an e-mail, well not just but this morning and someone was complaining about my blog! I know right how evil…. No I’m only Joking but yes my family members from other states of the U.S did tell me, that my blog doesn’t really update them on the status of my life and the reality is they should already know why I don’t do it! ... but I did feel bad, the thing is, that  its really hard to pick and choose things that you want to share, with the family with friends and other fellow readers but here is an update on life according to diana….

Hmmmmmmmmmmm Okay I thought about it for a good time and didn’t really come up with anything. However I love my family , I miss you  all  {you know who you are} those who are miles away from me LIKE….

Pete: I miss you soooo much! You are like the BEST cousin ever!!!. I think once we grew out of those elementary school years, we became best friends. Love the personality I know some people have mix feelings about you sometimes. But you are such a SMART guy, you have those report cards and the way you live your life to prove it. And I guess SMART people sometimes really don’t understand the world, others might feel intimidated by your awesomeness and why wouldn’t they, you did just fine Mr, Interesting young man- remember that? Oh and you can’t forget , we even had fun while washing dishes ! you can’t top that we are so BFF's lol! .  I will visit soon, at times I do want to take your word and move to the big O but I have to finish something’s first if I ever do move, I know you’ll be thrilled! Big Hug!! Miss you loads.
Earni: You are so much fun!!! You have so much knowledge  that every single time you started talking you just had me hypnotized. You are so tall and strong, I still remember you as a little kid, me always taking your side because Ian was such a punk at times. You have such a sweet personality wrapped around a 6’3  frame! The way you look after Zoo is so outstanding; it showed your maturity at a very young age. Keep rocking those shades and those fedoras you always looks great. Oh by the way your paintings are still hanging on my wall! I will visit soon, I will take the tour around the reservation like I promised I would, and I will listen to your stories. I hope your fingers aren’t freezing big hug love ya!!! I’ll take a train soon I promise! Oh and I found our VHS recording, I know right VHS funny!!!

Zoo: You are such a sweet girl , and those dance moves what!!  You have the most tender personality and incredible hair, I bet you never have a bad hair day right? Keep looking after Mr, Pencil he deserves it… I hope you still have some of the things I gave you, I sure treasure the necklace you gave me. I still remember watching Jacob together and having so much fun, Gosh I think my eyes are getting watery I have had such a great childhood, and I think it’s because my family was always around! I do not forget the last day we spent together, having fun near the fire walking at night just to chat and buy a Yoohoo only to continue our awesome conversation, miss you will visit soon J

And for : Norah, Myra, Hugo, Ivan, Geo, Jen, Jonas, Jordan, Gia, James, Jimmy, Johnny, Carmen, Lucy, Silles, Dave, Allie, Denia, Pyro, Tom, Mime and Mell_ Love you all!! Take care and see you soon…..muah

Was that personal or what Hahahahahaha!!

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