Those who dwell among the beauties and mysteries of the earth are never alone or weary of life - Rachel Carson

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Rage against wants obscure and protect our light.

At times when I’m running I get a feeling of numbness, in a positive way. I feel my body running at a high speed yet my mind doesn’t seem to mind it which allows me to surpass my limits. Some days I guess I don’t hydrate my body adequately  and I feel the drop down in my energy levels, and I want to give it my all but I feel this pressure around my nose something similar to a nosebleed. It’s a horrible feeling, but what’s even more horrible is the fact that I give in to the pain and stop!!!! Just like that!. I always compare life to running {maybe because I love running} but think about it, we as humans sometimes subdue to pain or difficulties so easily we go gentle with our problems and let them take over and change our state of mind. We get that numbing feeling and simply decide to give up, or be affected by worthless things. But I say NO lets rage on against what’s amazing! We have to sprint to that dying fire and keep it alive. The world is full of darkness that is working on suffocating that dim tiny light called happiness. We all yearn for that feeling of content with oneself, feeling appreciated, cared for. Once you figured that all loveliness will be destroyed and even the memory of ever feeling that way is vanished. We at times aren’t clever enough to be able to hold on to what is beneficial to us, if we don’t hold on nothing remains but a vague idea of a beauty one experience. And that on its own is a living nightmare, so let’s never have to encounter that feeling lets rage against the obscure and protect our light.

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