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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

HAPPY ; Having a sense of confidence in or satisfaction with {a person, arrangement or situation}

The thought of being happy is so important to me… the more I think about it the more I have to have it. I think every single person on this planet will agree with me, happiness is one of those things you can’t buy. And once you’ve found happiness the fear of losing it is always lingers. I’ve been working on my How to be happy list I will only share three pointers the rest are a bit personal. This has helped, my friends will also benefit from it.  Ok so for starters you have to know what really matters, and the only way I could figure that out is if I imagine myself on my deathbed {yea I know kind of creepy}. And I think who do I want near me? Did I accomplish everything I had in mind? …. Then I think am I doing something to accomplish these goals? 2) Have you ever had something you have to do, and you just don’t get around to it? yup that’s the worst feeling in the world!! Not only does it go to show the lack of discipline in a person but when you keep thinking about something it generates unnecessary stress. This in the long run doesn’t make you happy period, well that’s what I think { again this is MY list on how to never give up on happiness} So what I say is STOP! Making excuses for this lazy behavior is horrible.. Trust me nothing beats the feeling of making a commitment to yourself and keeping it and that is well worth any sacrifice you have to make.3) Never ever forget to be grateful for what you have!!! And I am not simply talking about food, a roof over your head, clothes on your back… I'm talking about your health , you got out of bed the past 365 days soooooo why not be thankful .Those people around you who are willing to sacrifice their time and energy to bring happiness to your life. Small things like mmmm the many times you didn’t want to finish a workout and you somehow got it done, feel proud of the qualities you possess like kindness, self-discipline, patience those things are truly valuable and once you think about it you feel what’s the word HAPPY!

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Alexandre Martinez said...

im back to blogging after some years!!!
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