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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Bravery isn’t the absence of FEAR........

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Has this ever happened to you? You look for the way to help someone else and suddenly you’re the one in a muddy mess. And you ask yourself “how did I get here” and “what could I do to strongly prevent this in the future”. And the answer in your head turns into an evil plot of compromising your generosity with an aloof personality …..… So welcoming someone’s help means things will start to get complicate for one of the individuals…..this question was given to me to discus in this blog how do we end up alone in all forms? This is my answer; I think it goes back to the beginning of my article {fear} we ALL have masks and we watch over the way we react to certain things because we want to protect that mask, but why? Because if that mask slips and people see the real you that’s how it all ends. Some individuals can’t digest strong emotions, strong reaction so they vanish leaving you with a feeling of self-doubt. That feeling lingers on and has a great impact in your life but in the sea of scars the first cut is the deepest, so the sun will shine once again. Never think life isn’t worth struggling for, that one day will come and you won’t cry for what you’ve lost at all. That one individual will cast away your doubt, sometimes we are stubborn and want to dive into a pool of emptiness and sadness it’s a normal human emotion. But, that "one" individual will tempt you, and you’ll want to change the way you see certain things like FEAR. 


Lin H said...

Topic for our morning tomorrow

DIANA DYE said...

Yes!! Lets do this lol!