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Friday, May 31, 2013

Cap. Kurt, Spock ?

Yesterday I had a splendid time, burning calories full throttle  with a rewarding cooling off. The cooling off of my evening consisted in having a wicked conversation with Joe about people, running, stars , Florence and the machine, endurance, Cap. Kurt, Spock , and other savvy topics.  so this morning I had a Florence crave, I was literally  busting into torture screams at every song. I say screams because yes am that bad at singing. It's funny I was looking at a comment not so long ago in a  magazine and it asked what do you like doing the most? "singing" what are you very bad at? "singing" that’s me!!!!!  By the way Star Treck was amazing! I mean come on Chris pine, but not only that!! Khon was the most intense character I've ever encounter, well him and that psychopath from Disturbia. The romance was good too, it was like K & O from Men In Black, Spock and  Uhura had this silence love thing going on. And Kurt,  weeellll he's still looking for the "Right" gal, if you ask me I think he found her. the rest of the cast was hilarious I enjoyed every little detail of it.
Have a Good Weekend :)

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