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Monday, March 11, 2013

Weekend Love....

The weekend was amazing! Explanation below hahaha…

5am – Getting up with birds singing {am not exaggerating I don’t want this to sound like a Disney movie, but that’s what happened} and yes that’s how much I love my friend I wake up at that time to have dark flavorful coffee with her.
12am- purchasing some pomegranate drink and having crackers with cheese and sushi parked outside a lonely business area as Ian is playing Pink Floyd.
5pm- Having some delicious Fried corn! My Uncle purchased a house and he was having an inauguration. The fun continued all through the night {I have no pictures of the event because you know me I have a tendency of forgetting my camera! such a bad habit}
11:30pm-Reciving a call regarding breakfast planning for Sunday… so not only did I have a blast Saturday but I hit the sheets knowing the fun wasn’t over… Tomorrow will have more details on Sundays adventures….. So this week it’s one of my friends Anniversary!! Have fun Gus and Eva!! The following pictures and song recommendations are for both please enjoy!!

I'll have more lovey dovy stuff tomorrow!


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Lin H said...

We need more time to hang out besides 5am lol