Those who dwell among the beauties and mysteries of the earth are never alone or weary of life - Rachel Carson

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Tired of lying in the sunshine Staying home to watch the rain You are young and life is long And there is time to kill today And then the one day you find Ten years have got behind you No one told you when to run You missed the starting gun, And you run and you run To catch up with the sun But it's sinking…….

It is a song of the choices you make in life but its a wee bit darker than what meets the eye.
Rogers spoke through this song about how no matter what you do your not gonna get absolutely everything out of it. Its broken down into two different choices that are the major keys to this piece: 1st sit around... enjoy yourself... stay home and watch the rain. BUT if you do you’ll never really do anything with your life. And you’ll just be waiting for someone to show you the way. OR 2nd you can go all out.. be everywhere.. run after goals - the sun... but you’ll never truly be happy cuz it doesn’t matter how much you do its just gonna come back and be behind you and you’ll feel like you went the wrong way. and you’ll just be another day closer to death.
This adorable man sings this incredible song that for whatever reason has been making me create tear drops. The lyrics of the song is sooooo completely true ( you have to be honest at time we do feel this way, and at times its something genetically enraptured in our dna) whatever the case it’s an awesome song!!!
The lyrics to the song are extremely long so am not sharing them with you, but please so check them out, It’s like a poem carved in this men’s heart.

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The GUILTY HYENA said...

The lyrics and the meaning behind the song definitely strikes a cord.

Some feel it's best to live life day by day and some feel it's better to have goals and plans and to aim for them. It's interesting the different mindset we use to approach life and the different purposes we seek in life.

thanks for sharing this and don't be shedding too many tear drops :) Enjoy your weekend Diana