Those who dwell among the beauties and mysteries of the earth are never alone or weary of life - Rachel Carson

Monday, March 12, 2012

But that’s just blinding me,and i aint living that way,I roll my sleeves to make a better man of me......

Ok so let’s start the week with another quote, well this time it’s not really a quote it’s the lyrics to one of my favorite songs. called McFearless, "McFearless" is a song by American rock band Kings of Leon. It is the fourth track on their 2007 album Because Of The Times. It is one of the few tracks on the album where Jared Followill uses distortion effects on his bass, this track being the only one where he uses distortion throughout the whole song. The song, with its powerful, larger-than-life sound and distorted bass has drawn comparisons to U2. For all you U2 Fans please don’t Kill me I know KOL is far from accomplishing what U2 has done but hey that’s what the article said. I really love KOL , most songs have a twisted reality and others just have a positive message, some of the songs are mental and I really don’t know what they had in mind. …..I get a lot of dish from my friends when it comes to my obsession with KOL , but I just love the cowboy vive synchronizing with the electric guitar its pure music revolution, plus I picture myself in my future farm house hahahaha enjoy……….
Strain living with a name
They get the best of me, But I'm no walker away

I don't complain
I got much to gain
So they keep testing me
And I keep feeding their face
But they could go off and hit the road
What would I care ?
hell I aint going nowhere
I got the reigns , courage I was made of
and they've got fake love
So I know I must show

it's my show
I must go
With my soul
not my hand
Where I stand
It's my role
It's my soul

Pearls , necklaces and girls
and all the pretty things
I ain't seeking to have
it's safe to say
if i don't get this out of me
i might quite easily
end up dead or just mad
cross my t's and try to dot my i's
but that’s just blinding me
and i aint living that way
i roll my sleeves to make a better man of me
or i might easily , Just give up on this show
It's my show 
Awesome Song, Hands Down Awesome!!!!  

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