Those who dwell among the beauties and mysteries of the earth are never alone or weary of life - Rachel Carson

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Incredible landscapes.............

I don’t have a camera! And I’ve sunken into depression, well not exactly but it really makes me feel like my life is passing by and am not holding onto anything. This weekend was going to be me Ian and the infinite country- the racking and lights of the city are so yesterday I need fresh air and a nice café, I will sit and through the window see snowy mountains awwww. But life seems not to be on my side these couple of days working extra hours more reconciles!!! Lovely friends going through hard emotional situations, Lando is sick and I don’t have a camera!!!! So this trip will have to wait. Yesterday I had a Long bath and I mean LONG I had like a pre-socke session that’s how long it was and a blast of freezing cold water! Apparently it is great for blood circulation but does it have to be that painful? I was freezing! Plus LA isn’t sunny at the moment. After I was out of the shower I prepared my gel eye mask which wasn’t as relaxing as I though, I kept thinking why do I have this on? And I couldn’t shut my eyes no mater what I did so I decided to forget about the gel eye mask and go back to my trusty friends chamomile frozen tea bags, and felt much better ultimate relaxation and my eyes are less puffy today.

At the moment am zipping on dark coffee, but am actually craving a chi latte! I’ve been craving it since yesterday afternoon but I was sooo exhausted and lazy I decided it would have to wait till today and it now today and what do you know I still haven had my chi latte hahahaha!! girls…… When I feel like having an adventure it usually has to do with the fact that am in love with The Lord Of The Rings! And most of those incredible landscapes inspire me, and make me want to walk those amazing roads that incredible green grass!! mother nature is incredible!.

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sojourned in style said...

these are incredible expansive spaces. truly beautiful. sorry about your not having a camera troubles. hopefuly things will start to look up from this stressful spot.