Those who dwell among the beauties and mysteries of the earth are never alone or weary of life - Rachel Carson

Monday, January 10, 2011

Are the clouds still white from where your flouting?...................

Well if flying wasn’t scary I would do it, Yes its impossible to fly, are you sure about that? Every time we make a change in our lives we flying. Everybody is always saying oh I would love to fly, wouldn’t it be wonderful to fly? But if we could fly it would be a new experience and utterly scary (not that I have done it before, please don’t categorize me as a mad person) but am being honest, the unknown is always frightening and it will continue to be till we humans exist. This weekend particularly was one of those days, I was excited about all the changes that I must do, yet I wanted the day to end and feel the way I felt yesterday. I feel like welcoming The Beatles in my life again and singing the lovely song Yesterday, wouldn’t that be brilliant? So as am trying to express my thoughts in this post am thinking about all of you reading and hoping you grasp my message. And am also thinking about myself ( how selfish ) years from know when am reading my blog and I remember all the things I’ve done will I be proud of myself, will I laugh at the crazy insignificant fears I had as a young adult? Wow this is making me laugh already how pathetic but oh well after all this is my virtual diary. I remember a while back I wrote a poem that unfortunately hasn’t been shared or should I say fortunately? Regardless of that, it is brilliant work I say, and I quoted someone extremely wise within the context of my brilliant poem and this phrase has hunted my life day and night and the dreadful line reads like this “ The only thing certain in life is change”. However sometimes we change for the worst and sometimes, something completely wonderful happens we find our path in life. A massive deferens stands in knowing the path and walking the path, so even if we know what’s expected from us are we brave enough to walk that path that leads us to happiness? – That’s something to meditate while I sip on my just brewed coffee………. – Written by: Diana Dye  ♥

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