Those who dwell among the beauties and mysteries of the earth are never alone or weary of life - Rachel Carson

Friday, October 1, 2010

Smell the woods as the wind drags your dreams and fills your lungs with hope..........!!

Its funny I told one of my friend to view my blog and she was a bit shocked apparently its to dark for her hahahahah!! I couldn’t stop laughing I don’t walk the streets in long dark dresses (nothing wrong with that) but I do love dark cloudy places and I love musky, wood scents like amber and vintage rose. But honestly the mystery of black and white photos is exquisite!! Haunting places like forgotten hills and valleys are a wonderful place to have a photo-shoot ,to have some peace of mind, and the night always brings tranquility................ Please enjoy!

Ok something terrible happened, I sent out a wonderful giveaway to my dearest blog friend Amber (she’s the lovelies) and I just received the package today!!! I feel like am Elvis, and am about to write the song called “Return to sender!!” ……..(Hang in there Amber I’ll ship it right back ok, don’t you worry one bit!!)  For more cheerful news it’s Friday gosh sometimes the routine is just stressing but this weekend am going out to the countryside Yay! Its funny how girls with curly hair want straight hair and girls with straight hair want curly hair the point is, am a city girl and am thrilled to visit the country side every single time!! But country gals crave the city, it’s a bit comical don’t you agree? At times I cant help myself I go crazy, literally!! Well not literally but while we drive by the most beautiful landscapes I find the most wonderful vintage shops!! I find amazing clothing and furniture I’ll be hones I cant purchase everything I desire but I do pick-up some charming items. I also enjoy the local Farmers Market, they not only have a verity of healthy foods but this particular farmers market has amazing stands of pro-nutritionist!! I sometimes annoy them am sure hahahahah!! Well buds have a wonderful weekend!♥


Amber said...

hahahaha omg girl!
I'm so hard laughing here hahaah you send it to yourself!XD!
oeh yeeh i also always say that straight girls want curls and girls with curls want straight hair!:P
I will let you now when i got the package!
x amber

Marie said...

That's funny, I don't think it's too dark!:D

Have a wonderful weekend too, Diana!:D

***** Marie *****

Sena said...

im on love with your dress !!

ps: i know what you mean i love dark
places too..
darkness has a special effect to me
for example i love to draw in darkness
perhaps because i can be more concentrated or ..
i don't know =P

Fashion Insanity said...

Awesome pics!

Lecon de vetement said...

Sooo pretty!

Ingrid said...

I love the darkness of your blog ♥

x the showmanship

Cassidy said...

I love it! I'm a dark person so it's alright :)
I love the effect of black and white grainy photos too. Lately I've been obsessed with them. I love the mood and emotion they portray.