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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Modern Love doesn’t only exist in our Golden Years…They could be Heroes just for one day don’t you think?

Where do I start with David Bowie?…… personally most of his songs if not all have a massive impact in my mood and the way I see life. My feelings get tangled up in his lyric and fall in an endless abyss of self-indulgence. Hollywood has given marriage such a bad name, they get married today and divorce tomorrow and that’s how the water flows, but these brilliant humans set a steady example of what marriage is all about. Not only are they legally married but they have about two decades supporting one another charming right?

Camera still out of service!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is killing me!! As much as I do enjoy posting things on David Bowie I miss my creations well have a brilliant day!

Love Dye♥


Marie said...

Diana!:D I hope you are having a lovely Tuesday!:D

***** Marie *****

Laura. said...

Hope your camera gets fixed soon! Keep up the great posts:)

loen said...

hi! thanks for the comment a while ago, but actually i have a new blog. it would be nice if you'll check it out. xo

Sena said...

but i want to see pfotos of you =((

Amber said...

hihi cute!
hope your camera works again soon!
my mom loves david bowie!:D
i still not got your t-shirt!:(
x amber

t.g.s said...

hello darling
i've missed you and this blog, sorry i haven't visited in yonks! but i've been busy busy busy
definately enjoying catching up on your previous posts and david bowie...what more can i say?

costra y ampolla said...

Love me some bowie!