Those who dwell among the beauties and mysteries of the earth are never alone or weary of life - Rachel Carson

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Welcome to my hunted thoughts booooooooooooo………………..

Good morning………….

Am loving this particular morning it’s gray and cloudy and the cool breeze makes me feel so calm. I’ve always been an extroverted, nature loving and a positive thinker. I have a strong sense of duty and am very cheerful but 75% of the time am worst then a hermit crab. The darkness provides me with endless happiness, at night the light from my phone charger bothers me!!! I tend to stay away from complicated people, people who will alter my positive energy and who judge the way I see life who make me feel out of place and who see life as a disposable thing when in fact we could do so much with the little time we have, those who have a cynical approach to all the hurt and pain going on at the moment.. This week I’ve made some changes in my personal life and they’re already making me feel better, I woke-up smiling and ready to start my day with my typical green shake mmmmm good!!! Sometimes the fight isn’t with other its with ourselves we must forgive ourselves and move forward. We must stop feeling pity and start feeling the power we all have within-us, this power allows us to change the way we see things and inevitably our hearts, It becomes a magnet, and attract even the smallest vive of happiness. We must all stop trying to impress those who don’t deserve to be impressed we must also stop trying to help those who in fact can help themselves they have all the tools to do so, the only difference is that you’re brave and they run away like ideal cowards. Do yourself a massive favor and let them run trying to help these people is like holding an angry dog by his hears trying to prevent a fight they wont stop and to make things worst they will hurt you. step away from the bullet and enjoy life.

Advice provided my your friend Diana…


Sena said...

you are so right my dear !! we create our
life and ourselves every day !!
just yourself can be the best for you.
sometimes i just think about the world and our existence..
sometimes it seems so easy to live and sometimes
so hard but we all are human we all will have the same end...

i enjoyed this post because it was nice
that you share your thoughts..

have a nice afternoon =)

Marie said...

Beautiful post, enjoyed reading.:D

Have a great week, Diana!:D

***** Marie *****

Amber said...

really good writing totally true!
it's not worth it to help people who don't need help or just never do something back!
just enjoy life and smile everyday!:D
love the boy from your previous post!
x amber

The GUILTY HYENA said...

My sentiments exactly! But I wouldn't have been able to put them in words, like you've emphatically done, said with high emotional intelligence DYE ♥