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Monday, September 27, 2010

Smiles and laughter, soda and cake ……………………….

So its autumn apparently, and I say apparently because its 100 degrees outside! I Am not HAPPY WITH this  heat wave and I'm sure my make-up will be droopier in about an hour Ahhhhhhh!!! What shall I do?!!  Putting this aside my weekend was brilliant!! I had a little food with family; it was a goodbye get-together for one of my dearest cousins and his wife. We had some amazing fruit salad and warm coffee (despite the temperatures outside) with amazing mini coffeecakes. Me and my friend Brenda watched “Pride and Prejudice ” for the thousand time hahahaha what can we go we love it!! (Apparently she will rehearse some of the dances featured in the film in her wedding, how exiting!!) We had a little star counting in my front yard and they ended-up leaving around 10:30…….. After that I had some serious dish washing to do and some major cleaning up! Sunday was such a chill morning, the afternoon was completely different I was invited to a party in which a had major doubts, the heat was making me extremely lazy and jeans made things worst, when its hot and am wearing jeans I feel suffocated and sticky, so I wore what girls wear a nice fresh vintage like-dress and felt awesome. Had a charming time dancing with my friend Tony and Karen she’s my ultimate dancing partner!! (Love her)   how was your weekend?


Sena said...

this week i had just one day off and this was sunday =/
my chief promised that i'll get next week one day
off but it emerges that i have to work
next week 5 days too =/
so i'm a little depressed because of it...

ps: like this photo you look fantastic =) =*

the Citizen Rosebud said...

I like you am not-so-patiently waiting for cooler weather. My sweaters are on stand-by.

Amber said...

oeh sounds amazing girl!
i also have a friend called brend!:D
i had a really nice relaxing weekend!
x amber

Fashion Insanity said...

Aaah I wish it would be a little bit hotter here... Its so cold and rainy :S