Those who dwell among the beauties and mysteries of the earth are never alone or weary of life - Rachel Carson

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Mystery eyes and soft fingers, smirks and tickles am missing my Sunday mornings ………………….

The heat wave is definitely diminishing and that’s brilliant news for me. Tomorrow is my day off, which explains why I haven’t been blogging on Thursday and as often. Life has been busy am trying to work on personal projects, but today I feel very positive yes like the Rolling Stones said we cant always get what we want, and I want to be the stone that doesn’t roll like led-Zeppelin said. This particular post is my attempt to blog and stay connected to my blogging friends which sometimes is harder that it seems. I’ve been very inspired by music like always and face, human faces…..looking at all the different features just makes me smile it makes me feel like I belong instead of feeling neglected or odd. We all feel the same things and experience unforgettable moments that we will never forget. As I keep babbling about my positive energy the ironic thing is that a listening to Billy Joel “Piano Man” , its funny how so many people feel lonely and full of frustration , feel sick like life has cheated on them or something. Sometimes we hurt the ones we love caused by our uncontrollable frustration. We don’t really care if they have issues of their own we just want to crack them and make them feel something because deep down inside we think they don’t. The truth is that they do yet become the bigger person and suck it up. So lets take our broken wings and lets lean to fly!!

How has your week been? Hope all of you cali residents are coping with this infuriating heat tell me what lotion your using to aid the dryness of your skin, and for those that like it have fun with it have a blats!! Hit the beaches and tell me about that awesome tan.!! Drink lots of water lovelies!!


Arielle said...

lovely post! and I feel your pain on the busy days..I've felt so overwhelmed by my current daily schedule lately

Marie said...

Nice images!:D

Glad it's not that hot anymore, the heat got me sick..;C

Have a lovely Thursday and enjoy your day off!:D

***** Marie *****

eugenialejos said...

guapa! muchas gracias por pasarte! la verdad esque a mi las últimas fotos de mi post me enamoran! me parecen muy underground! por cierto me ha gustado mucho este post!
un besito, te sigo;)

Amber said...

nice post girl!
i have an amazing week!
I have a really nice class have a lot of fun at schooL:D
x amber

hiven said...


Sena said...

now on youtube i listen to billy joel piano man =)
the text of the music is sadly but
i like it =)

my week was very good i'm happy because
i love my job my job is for me not like a job
but like a hobby which i exercise =)