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Monday, August 23, 2010

She Bop.............................

How was your weekend? Yes I know that’s what all of you are wondering right? Well it was brilliant and spent it with lovely friends. I spent each morning eating pancakes and listening to "David Bowie" the charming "Beatles" a Little "Poison"and watching "The breakfast club" and "Pretty in Pink" several times!!!! Spent time meditating in what my life will look like in five years!!? Its ridiculous to tell you the truth, and the reason why I feel this way is because am the type of gal that lives in the moment, but lately I’ve felt a bit concern about my future is this normal? Sometimes the frustration of having a routine gets to me and I seriously want to runaway and live in a little fort in the fresh nostalgic county side, but then I think of all the things I might not ever see again, and that thought is placed on hold hahahaha!! but its Monday and Mondays are always full of  schedules!!! But they are also full of new adventures.
For some bizarre reason I want a Nirvanas T-Shirt!! Yes it might sound a bit High School Jersey a little too Dusty Dinkleman , but after looking at this wonderful editorial of one of my favorite models Coco I decided it was time to bring out those dollar bills. Also the obsession I had once with redheads came back this is terrible I thought that was in my past unfortunately what goes around comes around.
This is What I Do For Fun!!!
Sike Hahahaha!!! but I still like Operation! Well lovely friends I hope you all had a brilliant weekend please feel free to share your adventures with me!

Hope you liked my little Video♥Love your friend Diana


Sena said...

i i i adore these photos !!!
i really like them your lips look so pretty.
love the darkness of these photos =)
you are a gorgoeus girl !!

Tayler said...

Love these rings! and thank you so much for your incredibly sweet comment!!! :)

Nubia said...

that lip color looks real nice on you, nice blog =)

Phuong said...

nice photos and outfit!!

Dylana Suarez said...

You look amazing! I always love your outfits, and your outlook on life!

Amber said...

nice video girl!:D
and fab looks and pictures!
thanks for your sweet comment
i figured it out about the guitar;)
x amber

emily said...

i love these pictures! esp the third one! :)
hmm, you wanting a nirvanas tshirt is making me want a ramones tshirt right now! haha :)