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Friday, August 20, 2010

Like A Rolling Stone

Well I’ve spent my last days in a state of confusion, mainly because I felt woozy and sick out of nowhere!!! I came home from work I had those day, you know the onces were works seems to keep on coming,Your slammed with more work yea those days……..Anywho I came home got in bed was watching Secret Garden (which by the way inspired me to star gardening or at least try lol!) and eating some type of cereal (such a grown-up meal right?) and suddenly my head starts hurting and the fever kicks in! I started thinking am I allergic to almond milk or this cereal but I’ve consuming these products for years and I never seemed to have an issue with them_______ apparently so much work can cause fatigue and lead to fever and full-body ache who knew. Am perfectly fine now, well physically but my mind is still swamped with ideas and to do List’s, I might have to move again and if that happens this will be my third move this year and even though the move is for a very powerful reason I cant help but miss my currant house full of wonderful sights and wonderful colors, butterflies flying by 24/7 and green grass! But changes are usually good and always bring new happiness (Hey David I know your reading this Loyal reader, am super exited to move in! Yay! I do need help packing though, and don’t take me missing my currant house as a bad thing I just get attached to things so soon). I know I’ll have many pictures of the move and amazing anecdotes of my current place.
More personal pictures –like Depeche Mode said I just cant get enough!!
Dogfight not only is it a psycho love story (in many ways) but it captures the 60’s perfectly, and it gives us a look at the Lovely Handsome talented River Phoenix its such a tragedy he left us so young…… but this film is proof of what he had to offer
This pictures are adorable they really are, they capture insignificant or precious moments!! My Brother Ian is going back to school, and even though I don’t see him 24/7 this little guy (who in-fact is taller than me) Is a wonderful person full of mischievous smirks and corky smiles......I will miss him he will go off to his cool friends and ignore my obsession to Queen and Journey- So as a tribute to this little fella I made this Video and little letter with one artist that we both love Bob Dylan using our favorite song♥ little brother please Enjoy!! It-Love your sister Diana!!
"Like A Rolling Stone" from COLOR-DYE-MODE on Vimeo.

Dear Ian
Hello Vader, When I was around 4-5 I was mad about not having a little brother/sister I was an only child and things weren’t as cheerful and colorful. Yes peter was around and true I love peter (my cousin which am only a year older) we had amazing adventures pretending to be "Power Rangers" and characters from "Toon town" or "Bananas and Pajamas",But On October 13 something happened my mom was no longer waiting to see what you would look like we had you in our arms, with your blond hair and blue eyes and super cute extra curly lashes, now your eyes are green and your hair brunette and those lashes are still long but something happened, I became so much cheerful!!______ well I’ll be honest at times things got hard giving you food constantly, you annoying me with WHY? Questions, Me taking the fault for things that you did (we all know you did, yes even mum) going to places of your choice. As time passed you started to grow and so would your hunger for knowledge, which led to us becoming even closed loving the same movie and sharing our awesome taste In music right? You always winning our light saver battles, me always asking make-up related questions when you tagged along , I know it annoys you yet you answer with such control that am fooled I actually think you enjoy spending time with me. But the truth is you do we both do…………Soon you’ll be 15 and well me 22 am so old right little Bro? But our love will only grow, I’ll help you write your first break-up song (I promise) and I’ll be by your side when the world seem to fall on your head lol!! I’ll always be by your side. I know sometimes I get fits am such a creep but it runs in the family, so don’t think your exempt from this sometimes am left clueless to what you said or are trying to say .We always fix whatever issue we have and I hope it stays that way……………may the force be with you.

Love your Only sister Diana!

And I want to thank all of my loyal readers you all know who you are for your amazing adorable comments, they make my day that much better. I enjoy blogging and thanks for making it possible __________Have a wonderful weekend.


Marie said...

I'm glad you are feeling better and yay for changes!:D

That is one sweet letter, I hope your brother will get to read it.:D

Happy Friday!:D

***** Marie *****

Tayler said...

I love all these photos!! they are definitely pics you can reminisce at haha :)

Anonymous said...

好熱鬧喔 大家踴躍的留言 讓部落格更有活力..................................................

Amber said...

so nice!
love the vid look like so much fun!
would be so cool if you make i vid where we hear you too play!
x amber

ReinBowe said...

hey D hope we can see eachother soon and please check your messenger I left something for you about your bro....

CDG said...

I listen to this song literally everyday. Love this video. It's so cute. And it's totally sweet how close you and your brother are. Ooh and I love the blouse your wearing in the first few pics.

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