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Thursday, May 20, 2010

"The most popular electronic band the world has ever known"………

Yesterday was the Lakers Game……am a huge fan? Well not entirely but I do enjoy a good game and spending time with lovely friend….Lisa, we had an amazing time, we got some delicious pizza mine was of course a cheese pizza and for some reason everyone loved it…..when the cheese pizza was gone everyone wanted more (sorry pepperoni but people at times need a break from you….but don’t be sad they will come back) …….after the game we wanted to have a nice run but we felt so full
( I know deep inside we both wanted to burn some calories lol!!!) and we thought of just having a nice walk around our local park but it was dark and late. We decided to watch Americas Funnies Videos, Most of the videos had painful hits which made it difficult for me to laugh, and am glad I didn't want to get a laugh attack , I would wake-up the entire street! ……..
Lisa gave me some nail polishes  three wonderful colors , A wine red color and a pale pink and a light gray/brown color I loved them!!♥(Thanks hun♥)
Something we both have in common is the Love for "Depeche Mode" it might sound odd because Elvis is playing in the back hahahaha! but that’s the way I work I could go from listening to “It smells like teen spirit” to “Pretty Woman”………but we love Depeche Mode its definitely worth skipping a conversation while driving to enjoy the sound that has had forty-eight songs in the UK Singles Chart and #1 albums in UK, US and throughout Europe. According to EMI, Depeche Mode have sold over 100 million albums and singles worldwide, making them the most successful electronic band in music history. Q Magazine calls Depeche Mode "The most popular electronic band the world has ever known"………
These are hevey reasons why we love them or maybe it’s the fact that our feet cant stop moving once a song starts hahaha!! but the lyrics are so true and realistic very real and human!

Hope you are having a wonderful Thursday take care cheers!


Angela Fagan Gough (A.K.A: Lady Day) said...

I immediately get up and start dancing when I hear Enjoy the silence! It's something that I can't control.
You have a wonderful taste in music!
And for fashion!:)

Amber said...

they are so cute!!
x amber

Sena said...

i like the music of your blog =)

i know only a few music of depeche mode, but after i read your blog i decided to listen to them,
perhaps i'll like it =)

my dear i wish you a wonderful night and weekend =)


Allie said...

(Note: I need a pizza)
What a great time spent with you Lisa (I like to call my friends "My").
Certainly enjoyed the cheese-pizza-dream!
A I also like Depeche Mode as well as Elvis ... Smells like teen spirit and Pretty Woman!
good post, I liked and had fun.
A kiss!