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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Sunday..........Into a Dream and Out of Reality!♥

This weekend was fun very calm and chill……..
I didn’t get to spend a wonderful time with my friend Lisa but I know she had important things to do. I went to the Farm with my dad♥ and had an amazing time.......
 stopping at every Mc Donald’s that we saw ahahahah! Looking at amazing and sweet animals they make me smile!♥
On Sunday I wanted a little break, and what better was to rest than a nice Skim Chi Latte and Dark Chocolate! Enjoying Lord If The Rings!!!! And I found a wonderful place for my new drawing I love it …….. I really hope all of you had amazing weekends please do share!

Oh Strawberry with Yogurt mmmm goood!!

This week am working on a post that I want to dedicate to all my followers and my regular readers! Why? Well because all love you all!……
keep blogging am off….
Am going to read your wonderful Blogs!♥


Amber said...

nice girl!
sounds like an nice relaxing weekend!
Love animals!
x amber

English Rose ♥ said...

Looks like you had a yummy weekend dye!

Merci beaucoup for your lovely comment darling =]

Stay safe and chic ma chérie,
English Rose x

PinkBow said...

fantastic photographic effect! sounds like a good weekend too.

S and O said...

YAAAAAaaaay Lord of the Rings! :)
Girl you have no idea how much I love that trilogy! I'm a total nerd when it comes to the Fellowship, I could recite the whole movie I've seen it so many times ^_^

Go Frodo!

Hope your having a great day :)


creamy said...

nice pics!! i luv that stuffs too. .

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Breshna & Rona said...

aahh you're so sweet Diana!! I like that your pictures are unforced!

Hillary said...

This looks like such a nice, relaxing weekend!