Those who dwell among the beauties and mysteries of the earth are never alone or weary of life - Rachel Carson

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Helena ...............♥

I had a wonderful weekend with Friend Lisa…..She’s the type of girl that even if the moment is silent it’s a good silent it’s difficult to explain you would have to meet this charming girl hahaha!! But I’ll write a full on post tomorrow about my adventure with Lisa♥

This post is dedicated to my Old Friend Helena, She was a very adventurous person loved mystical things and believed everything was possible she loves music that would make your head hurt of how deep the message was. She refuses to settle down for something others would consider true success.
This is proof of how much fun I had with these girls…..The Guns are so not my Idea hahaha!!! But Helena is the one with the white Jacket and Zilpa is the one with the Red Jacket and well am Blue hahahaha! Zilpa has the most unique name ever and she is always so happy I want to jump on a happy Mobile every time I talk to her! And drive to the nearest desert and jump and scream and laugh out loud and hopefully I get rescued like Robert Downey Jr hahahahaha!! I hope all of you are doing great talk to you soon!♥


Sena said...

friends are soo important !!
and love the second photo.
the shine of your hair impresses me=)
love it =)

Hillary said...

The second photo is too cute! You look absolutely lovely. Good friends are the best thing around. :)

CDG said...

Aww I love this post. Anyone who has you as a friend is super lucky. And that pic is great,. You look gorgeous

t.g.s said...

oooh dye, that face in the second photo is FIERCE!
work it hahah
sounds and looks like you had an amazingg time :)

Amber said...

looks so nice!
friends are the best!
you look so cool on the last picture!Like a super model!
x amber