Those who dwell among the beauties and mysteries of the earth are never alone or weary of life - Rachel Carson

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Fun Pictures Full of Nature and a Lovely Award from an amazing friend♥

Yes I know I’ve been a bit absent……More like a mini vacation, business or pleasure? You may ask, well how about an invitation to Fever Land and Sore everything!!!
Am much better now. This week will be my last Vegan week…..I know right? To tell you the truth it was very easy form me and the reason was because my stomach actually feels a bit upset (bloated) after consuming or drinking any dairy. Which mean most of the time I cook without milk or cheese! For example am in Love with all of the Rice Products, Drinks and Yogurts and Ice Cream yum yum!!!! and making pancakes is the same thing I use banana and soy or rice milk. But every time we go out cappuccinos torture me!!!!!!!!!! Yes my stomach hurts like 2% sometimes no pain and I just have to indulge in the wonderful taste of a cappuccino!!!!! I haven’t yet but I am definitely looking forward to that!
(Finding stuff on my last trip♥ nature is the best)
Ok am very fortunate to have received an award from the wonderful "All Things Marie" I love her blog and let me tell you why. Have you ever walked into a department store ready to shop and you’ve pictured all the products you desire yet cant afford. So you start writing a budget list on your head and you purchase some of your favorite products… the next scene is frightening you get home and if it was a drugstore you wont be able to try the product before hand soooooo you completely hate the product!!…..Oh No!!!!...... My Friend helps with that, her reviews are the best in Town, its like am talking to my friend about products and she’s used them before so she knows all of the benefits and all the glitches that come with the product! I got to Love Her!!♥
OK so I have to write about me 7 Things.

♥ I love 90’s I also Adore Neil Young and Tom Petty……
♥I run 3 times per-week
♥ love Dark Hair-and wacky nail Polish
♥ I E-Mail People too much, and I always have to make my E-mail look like a Times Story it’s a must!
♥I constantly have Movie Marathons with my brother Ian Example: Star Wars Marathon, Indiana Jones Marathon, Lord Of the Rings Marathon, Spider Man-Batman-Hulk well Marvel marathons……with loads of vegan cookies( they just taste better) and coffee or Ice cream!!
♥I love Fridays sometimes it’s the perfect day to go out with family or Friends….and others is the perfect night to sleep late watching funny sitcoms like Friends or Gilmore Girls or other later night shows. And knowing I could sleep in the next day makes me feel good.
♥ I love bloging like I’ve said many times its my Virtual diary and when I look back at my memories everything feels surreal and magical it’s such an amazing feeling!
Have a great Thursday!!! And yes tomorrow is Friday!!♥


Marie said...

Thank you so much for the mention, Diana!:D

Fun facts!:D I love watching Gilmore Girls too!:D

Happy Friday!:D
...and everything girly under the sun!

Amber said...

Nice girl!
Love friday´s too!
Have a nice weekend!
x amber

Sena said...

ooo lovely photos and i love fridays!!!!
have a nice weekend my friend =)

Anonymous said...

how do u do?