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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

May the force be with you, The force is strong with this one ♥

Hey friends!♥ how are all of you today?
I hope your doing fantastic♥ I haven’t had time for an outfit post, this week has been very stressful and packed with work, waking up early not getting enough sleep and coffee bailing on me. But I did want to blog about something, a witty blogger asked if I was a Star Wars fan and the truth is that I am! I own all six episodes and I have an obsession with all of the star Wars actors and actresses. For example senator Padame Amidala has an amazing personality she’s very strong and knows what to do in the worst situations …….I sound like a mega geek lets just move on to the pictures shall we ♥
(I don’t want to bore you.)

These are some of the thing me and Ian have, we are definitely missing thing, but I think this picture gets our point across right?
I had a trip to Target this weekend like I always do hahaha! And I bought Ian this amazing T-shirt I just love everything about it, the color the X-Wings that are featured .....I love them!
And he seen to like the T-shirt so it's all good….now the only thing I need to do is buy one for myself!
I bought an Elvis Presley T-Shirt I'll share it in my next post!!

p.s.I also have an Award Pending and I will work on it tonight …and I have to broadcast a giveaway and that will also be in my next post!!

...May the force be with you...


Sena said...

oo nooo i hate star wars =D=D

Jen said...

STAR WARS!!!!!! :)
i'm pretty sure i'm secretly in love with obi-wan. <3 loving the x-wing shirt, btw. haha

may the force be with you!

Amber said...

hahha nice!
x amber

the guilty hyena said...

Isn't that nice of you, to buy your bro Ian a Star Wars T-Shirt! Stars Wars is ground breaking science fiction , which so many generations have enjoyed together. :)

Mireeya. said...


Anonymous said...


Busy Bee Lauren said...

I am obsessed with Star Wars. Truth.

t.g.s said...

hey gorgeous
i haven't been on here in yonks, omg
hahah you're so cute
prepare yourself but...i've never seen star wars
how could i not!?
as soon as i can i will watch it
ooh love target
i find some surprisingly good clothes there